DesignStudio Initial Questions

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DesignStudio Initial Questions

Post  jeremym on Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:02 am

I got some questions over email, and wanted to post the answers here:

Hi Jeremy,

I have a few questions about the Design Studio.

- does it require me to install a compiler?
- is there a tutorial available?

I want to try to add additional "about:config" in Firefox object to test / verify that we can do it.


Here's my answer:

1. Yes, it requires C++ 2008 Express or C++ 2010 express.
2. The tutorial is in the Quickstart guide in the manual. See: In section 6, page 57 for exact how-tos.

3. There is also a whole manual JUST for the DesignStudio, included in the download.

4. All of our videos on all topics are here:

Specifically, the PolicyPak DesignStudio How-Tos are here:

As you go on your journey... please post "How do I" questions in the PolicyPak Support Forum:
In the "DesignStudio" category. We're just getting started there, so any questions you have during your journey will benefit in the answers I provide for others.

Thanks !


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