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Pak Revisions

Post  BFillmore on Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:02 pm

How do we keep track of paks that change over time? As the programs the packs control update and add features, the paks themselves are changed to reflect that. Acrobat Reader XI's current revision is different from the original release; how do we know at a glance if we have the pack for the original XI release or the current changes? We were just looking for a way to identify them.


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Re: Pak Revisions

Post  jeremym on Thu Sep 19, 2013 6:09 pm

We try to be cautious having a "micro-specific" Pak per application update.

If we had one for every update, it would be untenable.

So, while we have no "super hard and fast rules" .. here's the general rundown:

1. If a product gets a TOTALLY NEW version... App 1.0 to App 2.0.. we generally make a new Pak for it. Exceptions are like WinZip, where the WinZip Pak is verified A-OK in WinZip 14 and later. In these cases, we just ADD the additional settings as needed instead of making a whole new Pak.

2. If someone reports a new minor update, we tend to just update the Pak and document the readme file. The portal will now let you know what's new in the Pak.

In short, to summarize.. you really shouldn't NEED a "whole new pak" anytime an app is MINOR-ly revisioned. If an update is needed, let us know, and we'll try to make the Pak update.


Don't wait.. and use the DesignStudio and make the update yourself ASAP. It's easy to do.

So, I am semi-sure this isnt what you want.. you're asking for some hard and fast way to know:

App = Pak for App But we cannot get that granular.

We do document the version we used right in the name.. and for most cases, it seems to be a-ok.

LMK if there's something I'm missing and there's a better way we could be handling this (that doesn't take someone's entire life to do / manage.) :-)

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