New Builds Available: 556 and 557

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New Builds Available: 556 and 557

Post  jeremym on Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:55 am

Major Feature Additions

• CSE installation and uninstallation updates:
o No reboot required when installing CSE 545 and onward.
o No reboot required when installing upgrades after CSE 545
o CSE will automatically download and update automatically from Central Store or your own share on a schedule plus perform basic installation reporting (Video demo is found at: ). Full details in Appendix A of the PolicyPak QuickStart and User Guide.

• Uninstallation behavior updates.
o New uninstallation FAQs on the website ( )

•Internal Pak Item Level Targeting:

Notable bug fixes and updates and behaviour changes:
- When computer side (switched) policies were used with ACL lockdown, a condition would occur where the settings were locked out such that the PolicyPak system could not update them. If you plan to use computer side (switched) policies with ACL lockdown, be sure to use CSE 545 and later.
- Slow application launch with McAfee Antivirus Fixed.Behavior changes
- The PolicyPak "button" inside every Pak is now known as "Options." Screenshot:

New Scenarios and ILT Enhancements
- New scenario using ILTs to allow for Proxy server to be set when computer switches network. Video:

-New Paks of Note
- Acrobat Pro v11
- Adobe Updater
- IE8 for Win7
- IE10 for Win7
- IE10 for Win8
- MS Project 2013
- Real Player
- WinRAR


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