Java Pak updated - 3-19-13

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Java Pak updated - 3-19-13

Post  jeremym on Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:55 pm

The CUSTOM Java security items are now available within the Pak.


If you want this pak, for now, please email


1. 537 CSE has a bug where you shouldn’t do this: This will be fixed in the next CSE update. There is a workaround in case you DO do this.. but.. don't.

2. There is a bug when you edit the Pak, and pick, say, HIGH.. the Custom stuff should Gray out (while editing the pak) .. and it does. But when you go into it AGAIN to edit, the graying isn’t staying grayed out.

You can manually update your paks by doing this:

Or you can automatically update your paks by doing this:

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